Plant Maintenance

The following services are provided in accordance with the industries best practices  in integration with the clients process specifications  

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Services :
  • Operations, Maintenance & Repairs of MEP Equipments and services as per approved budgets ,  agreeing  to an ‘Authorised Spend Value’  as per the Plants relevant Delegation of Authority and Approvals . 
  • Completion of all jobs assigned in a cost effective, timely and safe manner. 
  • Jobs valued above the ‘Authorised Spend value’  are approved  submitted with  a comparative analysis  on  pricing, quality and  timeliness of the three best independent quotes with recommendations  made to the client  for final approvals.
Base-Building Power and Air-Conditioning Services :
  • While maintenance of such items is  the primary responsibility of the Landlord / Building Owner,  Ultimate Utilities is responsible for managing all  requests to ensure an effective and efficient solution
  • Specific equipment for Electrical Power and Air-Conditioning - services are maintained in addition to the equipment provided by the Landlord/Building Owner. 
  • Responsible for the operation, maintenance and repairs of the following Air-conditioning systems.

- Central HVAC Plants including Chillers, Pumps and Piping & Cooling Towers
- Ductable/Split Air-Conditioning Units
- Window Air-Conditioners
- Precision A/C Units for Server/Hub Rooms
- Air Handling Units
- Variable Fan Drives and Variable Air Volume systems 
- Treated Fresh Air intake systems
- Ventilation systems for washrooms, pantries, cafeteria & basements

  • Operation, maintenance and repairs of the following Power & Electrical Services. 

- Management of Primary Electrical Power from State Electricity Board and distribution of power within the Plants premises
- Management of Generation and distribution of Captive Power supply to Clients  premises 
- Management of UPS and Critical Load Panels
- Energy Conservation & Utilities Management
- In addition,  responsible for managing all  requests to ensure an effective and efficient resolution of all electrical services. This includes, but is not limited to, all lighting tube, choke and bulb replacement, telephones, telephone cables, LAN cords and power sockets and general technology requirements within the plant  premises.

Distribution Boards & Panels :

Responsible for the routine inspection and maintenance of all distribution boards and panels applicable to the plants facilities including metering / monitoring energy demand and consumption and providing inputs  for energy expenses incurred every month for each plant  under its management.

Fire Safety Services, Fire alarm and fire suppression systems :
  • Responsible for effective & uninterrupted operation and maintenance of the following:

-Fire Alarm System
-Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors, Manual Call Points
-Audio/Visual Fire stand-alone Fire Alarms
-Hydrant Systems -Coverage: Hydrant points, Pulleys, Hose reels, Inlet station, Yard Hydrant. Coordinate with landlord/building manager to ensure fire exit are clear for effective evacuation
-Fire Pump Room
-Fire Extinguishers
-Inert-Gas based Fire Suppression System
-Fire Sprinklers
-Central Control Panel for monitoring the detectors IMCP status
-Ensure all critical parameters as per OEM requirement and operating manuals are maintained
-Preventive maintenance, repair and replacement (if required) of fire alarm and fire fighting systems to ensure its efficient functioning
- Ensure compliance with all State government and Central government fire safety regulations and procedures
- Monitor and check fire extinguishers and ensure that they are refilled and serviced before expiry and maintained up to date and ready for use at all times
-Maintain service cards for all above

Civil, Carpentry, Plumbing and Allied Works :
  • Undertake all Civil, Carpentry, Plumbing and Allied works including maintenance of all civil exteriors / interiors, doors, door closers,  cupboards, blinds, false ceiling & false flooring, carpets, general lighting, external/internal plumbing – all general handyman services for the plant  premises.

-Maintenance and servicing of all the doors, floor springs / door closures, furniture and attending day to day miscellaneous civil, carpentry, electrical and plumbing work
-Replacement of taps, jet sprays, valves, flush tanks, bottle traps, soap dispenser, waste pipes in case the same are not in serviceable conditions 
-Immediate repair and replacement (if required) of damaged fittings, fixtures, sanitary wares, tiles
-Carpentry: Check all Door closers, Floor springs, Handles, Hinges, Locks, Latches, Shutters, work stations, chairs, storages, wall panelling, glass fittings, doors and allied infrastructure
-Minor repairs to be carried as per agreed response time
-Clear blockages in main line as and when required
-Co-ordinate with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of auto flush systems

Elevators :
  • Co-ordinate with Client / Building Owner to ensure elevators are fully functional at all times. 
  • Share OEM Servicing Schedules and SLA’s  with OEM on Regular Maintenance and Emergency break-down services with the Client 
  • Ensure all in-built safety features and Auto Rescue Devices in Elevators are recorded and operated by us  during any emergency/breakdowns. 

Public Address Systems :
  • Daily check of Central Control Panel, Amplifiers, Speakers.
  • Repair / Replace any faulty speakers, cabling and amplifiers and ensure PA System is fully-functional at all times.
  • Advise the client on coverage & location of PA System within the plant  premises.
  • Ensure all critical parameters as per OEM requirement and operating manuals are maintained
Access Control & CCTV Surveillance :
  • Ensure Access Control Readers are fully-functional at all times
  • Ensure Access-Control operated infrastructure such as boom barriers, turnstiles, doors, etc. are fully-functional at all times
  • Provide MIS on Access-Control as part of Reporting Requirements to the Client Representative
  • Ensure all CCTV Cameras are fully-functional and adhere to storage of CCTV recording as per the Plants Information Security policy and guidelines
Planned Preventive Maintenance :
  • Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all plant and equipment that is owned / leased by the client . 
  • Comprehensive Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) programs  maintained  for all Facilities under scope of agreement. 
  • Outstanding PPMs are addressed to the client  on a monthly basis. 
  • PPM programs include but not limited to the following:

- Asset Register with complete details of all installed MEP Equipment
- Machine History Cards are maintained- Escalation Charts for Equipment’s are in place
- Adequate Critical Spares List/Inventory is maintained- Monitoring all vendor employment records to ensure statutory & HSE Compliance
- Schematic Plans/Drawings

  • PPM Scheduling will include but not be limited to the following critical equipments :

- Power – both Primary & Captive
- Air-Conditioning systems
- Fire Alarm, Fire Fighting & Fire Suppression Systems
- UPS including Battery Banks
- Precision Air-Conditioning for UPS and Server Rooms
- Elevators
- CCTV & Access Control & PA System
- BMS Systems

  • Planned Works are  submitted to the Plant  Head at least 7 working days in advance to ensure all required planned activities have been identified. For any equipment down-time which may impact the Plants  business operations, the Client is notified in writing at least 15 days in advance for such planned activities.All PPM works are  subject to approval from as per above process.
  • Arrange DG sets and any other critical MEP equipment during any emergency as and when required.

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