BMS Operation

The most commonly monitored and controlled solutions handled under BMS are as follows:

  • Access Control System– Programming and issue of access cards (Proximity / Smart) for all employees. Programming of door and card attributes. Generating Attendance reports for the facility manager.
  • CCTV System – Ensure that all cameras are always operational and focused at designated areas. Configure various functions as desired by client such as motion detection, video recording period, post mortem on incidence.
  • Fire Alarm System – Ensure fire system is on 24X 7. Check health of all detectors from main panel to ensure that all detectors are operational. Monitoring of alarms on Panel / BMS monitor. Alarm acknowledgement and action to be carried out as per instructions provided by OEM.
  • Building Management System (BMS) – Understand the entire solution installed at site  integrated with  HVAC, Electricals (Lighting, Genset and UPS) and Water systems , Lift and Elevator systems  and other specific monitoring and control systems. 
  • OEM's/ Warranties -Ensure necessary precautions such as due preventive maintenance calls  by OEM as per  warranty / AMC contract for all above systems. System configuration is attempted only in the presnce of OEM suppliers and due permissions, specific in nature and controlled by passwords and other secure methods.
  • MIS Reports - Responsible for  generating and submitting all relevant MIS reports to the client - trend reports for Access control details (to note Time and attendance, Cards issued status, Time in and out reports),  Fire alarm (health status reports of the panel and detectors, alarms raised and responded, Hydrant status, fire drills), CCTV (status of all cameras, clear visibility, recorded information, incident report, DVR / NVR status, back up video information), BMS covering (trends on HVAC, Electrical parameters, Load in / out, Consumption pattern, CO2 level monitoring, STP, UTP, WTP status, Genset and UPS management and so on).
  • Maintain general material and equipment  - Monitoring and control from the designated BMS room using workstations in coordination with the OEM . Specific Tools like software / dongles, kits will be the scope of the OEM.

Building Fabric and Asset Maintenance  

Building and Asset Maintenance Services is based on the objective of improving the overall building efficiency, and enhance the value of all assets, reduce down time and surprise break downs and thereby reduce costs. We offer complete maintenance plans for your entire plant and building including O and M, Utilities maintenance and engineering services. The areas we work with you include risk management, Environment management, forward maintenance planning and Business Continuity planning.

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